Thaw our Science Stories!

logo draft (phase 2)

We want to develop new material in engaging formats, thus through any artistic medium (e.g., graphics, novels, photos, movies, theater, AR/VR). Let’s find ways to reach more people with new permafrost stories. Keeping scientific accuracy, we want a little more emotion, a little more curiosity, a little more surprise. We are ready to explore the unexpected, ‘permafrostly’ speaking…

This time, we are looking forward to working with artists from any discipline to build new permafrost stories, characters and superheroes. The artists will be working closely with a group of scientists and story-tellers.

Will you be our Artist?

Send a brief introduction of yourself and your  background  to We will send you the permafrost starter kit for artists in return, which includes information on permafrost and permafrost research that we hope will be helpful for you when developing your pitch for our new project. Send us your pitch no later than May 31st.

A committee composed of scientists, storytellers and artists will select one project/artist and announce its decision in early September. During the fall of 2019, the selected artist will work together with scientists and producers to present a first draft of the project in December 2019.