Science communicators


Julie holds a PhD from AgroParisTech, specialized in soil hydrology / geochemistry for development. She also holds a degree in Journalism and is a member of the Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec. Since she joined the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), Julie coordinates aspects related to Human Sciences (Communication, Education, Local Knowledge) of Arctic projects currently developed within the Joint International Laboratory TAKUVIK (Québec – Canada). She initiated and is leading the augmented reality project associated to cartoons.


Alizée MAROT

After a bachelor and a first year of a master in biology, Alizée turned to a master in science communication with the objective of creating and managing projects aimed at making science accessible to everyone. During her internship at Takuvik, she participated in the development of the augmented reality application Frozen Ground Cartoons by selecting and creating 3D and animated visual content.




ALTKEY: Mathieu Savard and Dany Robitaille

ALTKEY_Mathieu-Dany_LogoALTKEY studio combines the raw creative talent and technological skills of its team to provide innovative and unique augmented and virtual reality experiences. With the landscape of media and technology in constant change, ALTKEY is well-known to bring the best solutions to projects and to engage users through their immersive products. The studio is in charge of creating the augmented reality application for Frozen Ground Cartoons.