Noémie’s story #1: «Introduction by a star speaker» (2 pages). Based on a semi-true story.

Introduction by a Star Speaker

Noémie’s story #2: «Climate is changing, my dear reindeer!» (2 pages). The little reindeer is adorable.

Climate is changing, my dear reindeer

Noémie’s story #3: «The reindeer and the mosquitoes» (2 pages). Learn about the ‘living Earth’, and how a tiny little mosquito can be a big problem.

The Reindeer and the Mosquitoes

Noémie’s story #4: «All-inclusive field vacation» (2 pages). We all have our own definition of ‘vacation’.

All-Inclusive Field Vacation

Noémie’s story #5: «Mission for a special team» (2 pages). Meet with a team of permafrost super-heroes.

Mission for a Special Team

Heta’s story: «The Bumpy Road» (10 pages). When permafrost scientists collaborate with local northern communities.

The Bumpy Road