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Frozen-Ground Cartoons Application


This educational multimedia application help you better understand the impact of current environmental disturbances, caused by climate change and anthropogenic activity, on permafrost thaw and local communities in the Arctic. Discover the science of permafrost and learn while having fun: the Frozen-Ground Cartoons augmented reality application gathers 3D pictures, photos, maps, animated cartoons and videos. Thanks to 3D objects or photos, you can be in front of a polar bear and an Arctic fox or navigate in interactive maps representing the permafrost zones in the Arctic. The cartoons will teach you what permafrost is, the impact of climate change and how scientists study the water and carbon cycles, essential for understanding the phenomena of global change. Finally, the videos will explain to you what local solutions are envisaged in the communities and how scientists and indigenous populations collaborate to understand and adapt to this changing environment. Enjoy this innovative tool associated to the comics!

  • Twenty 3D drawing. E.g:


  • Three 3D maps. E.g:



  • Five videos :
    • Video 1: what is permafrost?
    • Video 2: impact of climate change
    • Video 3: collecting data on permafrost
    • Video 4: solutions, what can I do?
    • Video 5: Inuit and scientific community-research organization

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