Heta Nääs

Heta is from Helsinki, Finland and is a part time illustrator with a focus on comics/cartoons. She heard about this project from a former classmate and got excited right away. The Frozen-Ground Cartoon project was an opportunity to work with something unfamiliar, the permafrost science, as well as sustainable development through comics which was more familiar to her.




Heta’s one-page pitch: Waking on a Giant

heta pitch

Noémie Ross

Noémie is from Montreal, Canada and is an illustrator/cartoonist/graphic designer. She creates illustrations for a magazine that popularizes mathematics and published a graphic novel about Thalès de Milet, an ancient Greek mathematician. Noémie recently won the APECS Polar Week Figure Competition with her Reindeer Husbandry comic.




Noémie’s one-page pitch: Permafrost Field Work: a lot to do!

noemie pitch